#   NEPALCONSULT is a private limited company, duly registered with His Majesty's Government of Nepal, and licensed to do business in Nepal by offering progressive Consultancy services for planning and development in the private as well as the public sectors.

#   NEPALCONSULT operates on the basis of limited ownership and is headquartered in the commercial core of Kathmandu, Nepal . When work load demands, or when a dynamic advantage is observed, additional project offices are established in other cities and development regions as well.

#  NEPALCONSULT's head office, because of its central location is easily accessible to business within Nepal and because of the extensive AO facilities installed is equally accessible from else where in the country and the globe.

#  NEPALCONSULT employs a technical and administrative workforce of over 100 multi-disciplinary professionals working full-time and part time within its offices.

#   NEPALCONSULT also maintains close affiliation and working relationships with several hundred nationally respected associates and resource personnel who provide a unique base of highly reliable and competent technical expertise.

#   NEPALCONSULT also maintains close relations with international consulting firms with accepted experience in specific areas of interest, not available in this country. This allows us to deploy, even on short notice, a pool of world-class technical expertise among the best in a wide variety of fields.

#   NEPALCONSULT's organizational structure has evolved over its twenty-plus years of experience in promoting and managing diverse projects and its head-office management team is a central feature of our organization. We function as a cohesive, well-organized unit throughout the project cycle. Our job is to make our field operations successful.