NEPAL still continues to be at the bottom rung among the Least Developed Countries (LCD). The countries per capita income approximates US$ 200 per annum; and about 40 percent population of Nepal is below poverty line.

In other words, the nation has still a long way to go on its quest for economic development. NEPALCONSULT endeavors to be in step with the Government in meeting this development challenge.

In fact, NEPALCONSULT has continued to face this challenge for well over thirty years. During this period, NEPALCONSULT has encouraged the reform in policies that impede the efficient delivery of development services in the public sector, and to promote productive private sector and community participation in local operations of development activities. NEPALCONSULTbelieves in channeling the energy and efficiency of the private sector into development programs of sustainable value.

NEPALCONSULT measures success by its ability to identify, introduce and implement practical policies which result in long-term economic, social and environmental benefits. In the field of rural, urban and regional development, NEPALCONSULT has provided its services and training programs in housing, land acquisition, compensation, resettlement programs (ACRP), decentralization, privatization and urban management, energy and environment.

NEPALCONSULT supports the principle that sustained development must evolve out of the experiences and direct participation of people at large, including members of voluntary organizations, non-governmental organizations, and community-based groups. Through consultation and training, NEPALCONSULT seeks to involve individuals as well as public, private community groups to build institutions open to free discourse, transparent decision making, and democratic approach to the development processes.