With over thirty years of service to our credit, NEPALCONSULT has achieved:
#    an approach in work that enhances income and productivity, market efficiencies, resource management and service delivery.

NEPALCONSULT has enjoyed:

#    excellent working relationships with in-country and international Clients including major donor/development assistance institutions, regional development banks, foreign government agencies, and private sector organizations such as the U.S. Agency for International Development USAID), The World Bank, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), JICA, GTZ, the Asian Development Bank, UNICEF, DANIDA, SDC, CIDA, SFD, DFID, WHO and EEC.

NEPALCONSULT maintains a success track record:

#    in managing and executing assignments indicative of our ability to recruit, field, and manage multi-disciplinary teams with the requisite skills and experience needed to meet the high standards and expectations of our Clients.


#    nationwide, regional, urban-based and rural projects often involving multi sectoral economy, technical infrastructure, finance and environment-related services.


#    all technical, training, quality control, reporting requirements for its assignments and has therefore, earned a reputation for technical excellence, cultural sensitivity, teamwork, professional integrity, and demonstrated sustainable results. Our project management, from start-up through demobilization, emphasizes teamwork and accountability.


#   a distinguished group of multi-disciplinary professionals and has emerged as one of the highly reputed firms in our field.